Artist Reference Painting

Painting from individual photograph,referencing Seurat's style

Artist Reference Painting


Emphasized Standards  

3. Self Expression 4.Technique and 5.History and Culture
INTRODUCTION and Performance Task
You will be creating a small acrylic painting. You must show your own imagery and reference your chosen artist/artist style. There are two tracks. First track (for beginners) artists will do a painting from observation. You may use a photo or an object of your choice. Somewhere you must refer to your studied artist or style. You must somehow exhibit your own personality and style in to this painting. You may use one colour plus black and white or a multi-colour palette. Track two (intermediate painters) artists can choose what they paint. Your painting must be from your own sketch and refer to your chosen artist or style.


You will answer the following questions in your sketchbook:

  • What kind of art do they make? (describe style)
  • Why do you like their work?
  • How do they use the elements and principles? Be specific
  • What personal connections do you share with their art?
  • What did they do that no one did before them? (why are they original?)
  • You will show three images of their work in your sketchbook.

You will do a complete drawing/draft of your idea.

You will show a full media test including two colours plus tints and shades using acrylic paint.
Success Questions (linked to each standard)
Have you done something original and expressive showing your own interpretation?
Have you shown an understanding of acrylic paint technique?
Have you used the correct brushes for the techniques you were showing?
Have you referenced your chosen artist or artist style in your own painting?

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