Drawing: Contour and Grid: A Personal Observation

DRAWING: Contour and Grid: A Personal Study        

DRAWING: Contour and Grid: A Personal Study

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Standards: *Creating   *Self Expression  *Technique

Introduction and Ideas Development:  

You will be doing a variety of contour studies of objects and exploring a range of shading techniques. You will then choose six personal items and draw them, overlapping in an interesting contour composition. You will decide how to treat the negative and positive space to show originality and have an impact on your audience. In your sketchbook, you must do at least two pages of studies and media testing, before beginning your large drawing performance task.

You will choose a personal photograph which is black and white and has high contrast and create a grid sketch in your sketchbook, showing a full range of value. You will then do a larger grid drawing at least five by eight inches, but it could be bigger with 6 B pencil.


Success Questions:

Did you follow the design cycle to create something that is well researched, discussed, refined and progressive? How?

Did you do something that shows your own interests and personality?

Did you follow the rules of contour studies and grid drawing precisely?

How did you improve in the above techniques?

Did you show a full range of value?




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