Emphasized Standards  

1- Creating, 2- Language of Art, 5- History and Culture, 6- Critique

IDEAS DEVELOPMENT (IN SKETCHBOOK): 2 Days)First pick a word, this will guide you in your mind-map. 20 ideas first, before opening your device! Artist’s research. (see below) Three half pages at least of sketches and note-taking.In this project, you must use pattern, rhythm, unity and texture in your final print. Please do final plan of your print, write your colours and choose 2 colour or reductive print. It’s better to draw from LIFE and not from a photo, unless the photo is your own personal photo! You may use your imagination for some parts of the background.


You will research printmaking on Pinterest and collect images, (at least 10) which INSPIRE you. Screen shot these and put them in your sketchbook. Take notes on what you see and why you chose these images. Next, you will write a PARAGRAPH about one printmaker that you discovered and write about the artist’s life, why the artist is famous, and why you chose the printmaker as your favourite (using art elements and principles to describe).

FINAL WORK: (4 Days)

You will create a final series of three quality prints of your biomimicry concept.

Success Questions:

  1. Did you go through the entire design cycle?
  2. Did you use pattern, texture, unity, and rhythm?
  3. What links did you make with your chosen printmaker in your final piece?
  4. How did you encourage others in the class through feedback? How did you analyze and improve your own art work with feedback from others? (critique)