8 thoughts on “ArtSculpt

  1. I could create anything from an elephant to an army of mice. It depends on your point of view and emotions at the time. I might create a giant sculpture of a single cat to represent the solitary confinement all of us have inside our minds. Or I might create a sculpture of someone singing to represent someone expressing their feelings or just because I like singing.

  2. If I could put anything on my wall, I would put a bunch of edited pictures filled with effects and colorful designs. Each picture would be a picture of either my friends from my old school, friends that I’ve made at ISM, my family, and things that have and do inspire me.

  3. I think it’s awesome to be able to try to creat a NEW logo for EARCOS ( I hope the winning logo will be awesome and from a MS student frm ISM !!!!!!!!!!! ) 🙂

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