Construction: The ABCs of Sculpture

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Jerome Corgiere


The ABCs of Sculpture

Emphasized Standards
1-Creating 2-Language of Art 3-Self-Expression

You will be creating a sculpture in the round or a relief sculpture of your chosen letter. Your sculpture must be your chosen letter of the alphabet and must include line pattern and proof of your research of typography and your chosen artist. It can have up to three colours, but could just be black and white. A photograph of your finished sculpture will be used in an alphabet book that will be published and sell to raise money for our Scholarship Fund.

*Find an artist in which you are interested, create a pinboard on pinterest showing your research of this artist. Print a screenshot of your board and highlight the reasons why you chose him or her. Show at least five observations of the elements and or principles he or she uses. Sources should be cited in your research. The artist DOES NOT have to be a sculptor, but could be. Stuck? Use artcircles for research or look at Ms. Morgan’s ART LIST.

*Find at least five types of fonts that you think are suitable for your artist and your idea. This can also be done on pinterest. Print a screenshot and glue in your sketchbook.

*Do two thumbnail sketches of two different ideas for your sculpture with colour or in
black and white.

Have you gone through the entire design cycle to make a truly refined piece? (Creating)
Have you used the elements and principles from your research in your sculpture? (Transfer and Language of Art)
Have you created something truly original? (Self-Expression)
Is your art related to your chosen artist? How? (Communication of his or her style)

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