Biomimicry/Construction Papier Mache


Emphasized Standards:

Self Expression Technique and Critique


While making conceptual Art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. The emotional response of the viewer is taken into account and the concept is communicated through the elements of art and principles of design.

Ideas Development in Sketchbook:

You must find six images that are properly cited (Pinterest) and next to each, an explanation of why those were chosen. 3 Half pages of ideas. A full plan with colour of what you will be creating with wire or cardboard (armature) and then Papier Mache.

Performance Task:

You will be choosing a word that is related to nature. You must then construct it with papier mache. Biomimicry is essential. For example, you get the word radial  you must sculpt that concept in whatever way you envision it. You will also be focusing on one of the principles of design, but that will be left up to you.

Your sculpture must be in the round and must be professionally rendered and refined and must evoke an emotional response in your audience.

Will you add other materials?


Questions For Success:


  • Have you used the elements and principles to make something original and unique?
  • Have you been refined in your use of papier mache?
  • While using paint, were you mindful, careful, and did you use the paint correctly, so as to not be distracting, but well-rendered?
  • Have you sculpted something that shows your biomimicry concept in a surprising way?
  • Have you analyzed your own work and the work of others? How?
  • Have you considered other artists’ sculptures and brought that new knowledge in to your piece?



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