Construction Assemblage: Shrine

Construction and Assemblage Shrine

Emphasized Standards
2- Language of Art 3- Self Expression, 4- Techniques

INTRODUCTION and Performance Task
What is sacred to you?
What is important to you?
How can you create a sculpture that shows this?
Shrines have been used in many cultures around the world. You will be creating your own mixed media shrine. You may use papier-mache as the base, but what you add is up to you. How will your shrine stand? How will you create unity? (which of the art elements will you use?)

• You must create a pin board on pinterest showing shrines that interest you.
• You will research mixed-media sculptures that you enjoy and add those to your board.
• You must share your board with me and create two full pages in your sketchbook of plans and images, including one detailed final plan of what you will build, with colour and explicit explanations.

Success Questions (linked to each standard)
1. Have you shown refined form and unity? Have you succeeded at inviting your viewer in?
2. Is your sculpture interesting, unique and surprising?
3. Did you control the materials and were you able to sculpt a refined, professional, and engaging shrine?

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