DigiART and ARTStudio today

Good Morning!


Please make sure all 20 photos are edited and put in folder. They must be titled correctly TITLENAMEBLOCK then put them on your website. Add a bio/about me page. Please answer the success questions on the assignment brief in your sketchbook. Make sure to share your pinterest URL with me via the sketchbook or your google folder.

If time permits, get some feed back from two peers. A star and a wish for each photo.

More time? Please post three comments on my blog


Please read the assignment brief for Grid Drawing from PErsonal Photos. Begin taking photos or begin sketching your ideas. Practice blending with coloured pencils. Start to choose your two photos for your diptych drawing. If time permits: post three comments on the blog here and read DAve Caleb’s article which is the next post down. More time? Please do a contour drawing of your two photos that you have chosen.

Have a good day! Ms Morgan