An App A Day….

An App A Day…..


Emphasized Standards  

  1. Creating 2- Language of Art


Using Sketchbook Pro create your dream house. It should be a bird’s eye view, architectural rendering. Please use your sketchbook first to plan.

Using Art Rage do a piece of art based on the work of Salvador Dali. A scene of your favourite childhood memory.

Using Art circles choose a piece of art and do a black ball-point sketch of part of your art. (MACRO or zoomed drawing) Write the artist’s name next to your sketch. Then colour in FOUR parts of your drawing with marker. Take a clear photo of your drawing with Color Blast.  Make sure one part is in colour! Save this photo and title it COLORBLASTNAMEBLOCK.


Animation Studio:  Using this app, create a character and a setting. Have your character do one complete action. Save this file as animationstudionameblock .


Using the character that you created in Animation Studio last class, create a story board in comic life that shows your character in a social dilemma for which s/he must find a solution.


Using multiexpo, take a “selfie” and a photo of one of your pieces of art. Create a collage. Bring this photo in to adobeideas and create a visual note on what you think of this app and how it helps you to express yourself. Also take note of how you might use it in your own life.


Using Show Me create an informative video on something you know very well. This could be how to make scrambled eggs or how to write an outline. It can’t be over two minutes long and must be interesting and use some of your new art vocabulary.


Using A Sketch do a still life drawing of the objects on the table. This must show shadow and texture. Save this as ASKETCHNAMEBLOCK please. If you finish early, please do a drawing of your own chosen object.


Create a site that showcases all of the work that you’ve done this semester. This will be using your MS Portfolio, which is a google site or it can be your own created google site. You must showcase at least ten pieces of art and have an artist statement included. Other sites you could use: blogger, jimdo, wix, or easysite.


4 thoughts on “An App A Day….

  1. Using Apps on the iPad to create art, and capture beautiful moments sounds really fun to be able to do! Plus we get revealed to new apps and apps that are perfect for us!

  2. I think the app a day idea sounds very fun as well as a learning opportunity. These apps show us a creative way to create art using digital devices such as iPads. I hope to see this implemented more occasional

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