Moonshot Assignment Brief

Please think for a moment of your “moonshot” or your dream in life. What do you want to be? In which profession do you see yourself involved? What does your daily life include more of? If no one else were involved in deciding for you, what would you want to learn more about? How can digiART be a part of this moonshot?

Goal: For this project, your goal is to learn more about or become better at something that is directly involved with your moon shot. You will write your own assignment brief, work hard to create an art project, which has a direct link to your life-long dream. You will complete a performance task and assess yourself based on the art standards you choose.

Role: You are the art teacher, the artist, the hard worker, the entrepreneur, and the innovator. I am here to only guide you and help you on your way!

Audience: Your audience will be your classmates, your peers, the Middle School, the ISM Community and the world (as we will be showcasing these on the jimdo and artitude sites, as well as on Ms. Morgan’s blog and your own Google Site)

Situation: Please answer the questions above, choose your goal, write your assignment brief, choose your standards, and come up with success questions linked to your standards. You must describe each class day and what mini-goals you have for those lessons. This should take no more than nine blocks, but if you need less or more, please tell me specifically what you will be achieving each day.

Day One: I will gather ……… I will work on…….. I will complete…….

Performance:  This is for you to decide. I have had students who want to be chefs, use jimdo to create a blog of their favourite dishes. They have created their own dishes at home, photographed them using the techniques they learned during the photo unit and then shared their thoughts and recipes on their new blog. Students, who wanted to know more about fashion, have created collections drawn on the ipad using Adobe Studio, then shared these with descriptions and colour on their google site. The sky is the limit.

Standards: Choose two standards and two success questions linked to those standards. (Please see Ms. Morgan’s other Assignment Briefs to help you)

*As always, we use the design cycle to help us at different stages of the creative process! (Plan Evaluate Investigate Create Revise/Refine)


5 thoughts on “Moonshot Assignment Brief

  1. So cool! Love this idea and love that you are giving students the time and space to explore this. Is this a #moonshot about #moonshoting 🙂

    Well done and looking forward to following this!

  2. “Moonshot Assignment Brief | Ms. Morgan” ended up being a remarkable
    blog. If only there were a whole lot more personal blogs similar to this one on the actual word
    wide web. Well, thank you for ur time, Carrie

  3. This Seems really fun, because we can cover all sorts of things we want to do and mix it in with Photography! I look forward to this!

  4. I love how this assignment gives us so much freedom and allows us to sythesize everything else we have learned in the course!

  5. Are we going to be doing this this year? If we are I am really looking forward to the freedom we are going to get to do whatever we want!

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