DigiART: An Exploration Into Drawing on the iPad

DigiART: Exploration Into Drawing on the IPad




Standards: *Creating *Self Expression *Technique

Idea Development in Sketchbook:

  1. In your sketchbook create a Rotation Tessellation following the steps highlighted on the screen. Once you have brainstormed and created one that works, cut one out of paper using a square. This piece should be neat and taped carefully. Test it out in your sketchbook. Does it work?
  2. 2. In your sketchbook create a contour study of the objects you see. (Extension: draw a contour study of your face using a mirror. This was the stepping off point for the Pop Art Selfie)

Performance Tasks:

  1. Using Sketchbook Pro create a Square “Tile” that includes at least four repetitions of your tessellation. Using layers, you can transform, duplicate, fill, and add pattern or eyeballs to your drawing. Make sure to save this to your folder titled “TesselationNameBlock”.
  2.  Use your best combination and composition to create a contour still life drawing on the iPad. Choose a limited palette. (Harmonious, Complementary, Tints, or Triad of your choice)


Success Questions:

Did you use the design cycle to create two original and striking pieces?

Has your personality and style shown through during these two tasks? How?

Have you improved in your drawing, observation, and iPad techniques? How?

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