DigiART First Project: Logo Design

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Goal: You will design a logo for your personal business, organization or company.

Role: You are the designer and you will use the elements and principles to create the most simple, flexible, and soon to be recognizable logo out there!

Audience: Your audience will be your classmates, your peers, the Middle School, the ISM Community and the world (as we will be showcasing these on the jimdo and artitude sites, as well as on Ms. Morgan’s blog)

Situation: This is your first assignment and you are able to use the i pad minis, your own laptop, programs and applications on the class Macs, or any other digital program or application that you like. Some that you can explore are Illustrator, Brushes, Paint, ASketch, and Sketchbook Pro.

Performance: You will sketch four “rough ideas”, you will use your peers to give helpful critique, you will choose one and you will finalize it in a professional and unique way.

Standards: We will touch upon all standards but you will be assessed on CREATING and TECHNIQUE. Please use the MS Rubric to understand what will constitute EXEMPLARY PROFICIENT OR DEVELOPING!

Where is the rubric? Go back to Ms.Morgan’s homepage and open it up (Look up at the top!) or it will be shared with you in your Google Drive Class Folder.

Enjoy, watch the you tube video again by XPerpetualmotion, and do something truly AMAZING!

2 thoughts on “DigiART First Project: Logo Design

  1. I’m really enjoying this project at the moment, since we are able to really practice our standards and how we implement them. As well as the collaboration aspect is a fun and new way creating art.

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