Poster DESIGN project: Upstairs Downstairs

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Upstairs Downstairs Poster Design


Emphasized Standards

2-Language of Art 4- Techniques


You will be creating a poster design for the MS/HS Art Show coming up in May. The Art Show will have high school art on the top floor and middle school art on the middle and lower levels. The concept is “Upstairs Downstairs” and the requirements are that you use the techniques that you’ve learned in texture studies, contour drawings, and self-portrait photo drawings. You must use something that you learned in these to create the basic design for the poster. (cross-hatching, contour study, portraiture, macro study..etc)


In your sketchbook you must have one page of brainstorming/mindmapping, you must have one page showing four different ideas of Upstairs and Downstairs, and one final drawing with colour and explanation of typography and Colour palette. Please make sure to pinpoint how you will use CRAP (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity) principles and what application you will use to ensure its refined and professional.

Questions for Success

Have you used the principles of design (BUMPREC and CRAP) in your sketches and final poster design?  (Language of Art)

How have you improved your design concepts? (Transfer of knowledge)

Have you created a poster that is refined, stylized, and professional? (Technique)


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