DigiART Third Project: Film Second Track



Two Short Films




First film: Must be stop motion, created in the classroom. The film must show a story line about one of the five ways to well being. This is a conceptual film, meaning how you show it is really up to you. As long as the audience understands which way to wellbeing it is.


Second Film: This can be any kind of film, but must be under three minutes long.

The themes for this project can be

  • Why art can change the world
  • Superhero for a day


Sketchbook: Three full days brainstorming, storyboarding, and getting a plan that is solid, flowing, and has an introduction, a body/climax, and a conclusion. Please look at examples of brainstorms, mind-maps, and story boards.


Filming: You will have six studio days for both films. 3 for the first and 3 for the second. You may have to do some work outside of class, please be prepared for this.


Standards: We will touch upon all standards but you will be assessed on CREATING and SELF EXPRESSION


Questions for Success:

CREATING: Have we gone through the entire design cycle in order to create a highly refined, original, and professional film? (brainstorm, ideas development, creation, collaboration, revision problem solving, refinement and reflection)

SELF EXPRESSION: Have we created something truly surprising and unique? Have we created something that shows our style and originality?


Please write the words that are NEW to you:



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