DigiART Third Project: Short Film

JackieGoal: You will learn how to create a short film using a variety of tools and techniques. Your film will answer, touch upon, or document the question: “What is home?”

Roles:  You will have many roles. You will be the “idea-person”, brainstormer, problem-solver, writer, director, camera-person, animator, illustrator, cartoonist, and stunt double.

Audience: Your audience will be your classmates, your peers, the Middle School, the ISM Community and the world (as we will be showcasing these on the jimdo and artitude sites, as well as on Ms. Morgan’s blog).

Situation: This is your first film/movie assignment and you are able to use the i pad minis, your own laptop, camera, programs and applications on the class Macs, or any other digital program or application that you like. Some that you can explore are iMotion HD,Puppet Pals, Intro Designer Lite, Animation Street, iMovie,iStop Motion, and Explain Everything. This project relies on your use of the design cycle from brainstorm to Revision and refinement, and lastly critique and reflection.

Performance Task: You will create a three minute (or less) movie that answers, touches upon, or exhibits the question of “What is Home?” You do not have to have this text or question in your movie at all, the audience does not have to know this theme.

Standards: We will touch upon all standards but you will be assessed on CREATING and SELF EXPRESSION

Questions for Success:

CREATING: Have we gone through the entire design cycle in order to create a highly refined, original, and professional film? (brainstorm, ideas development, creation, collaboration, revision problem solving, refinement and reflection)

SELF EXPRESSION: Have we created something truly surprising and unique? Have we created something that shows our style and originality?

Resources/Hook: “Post It  Note Art”, “Ok Go” Music video using Rube Goldberg Sculpture, “Shaddow Art”, “Historia de un Letero”, and “Animal Beatbox”,”Porcelain Unicorn”

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