DigiART Second Project: Photography



Goal: You will learn how to become a better photographer and photo editor. You will understand that the principles of design should be incorporated and understood within successful photographs. You will understand light and how it is captured and used to create interesting photos. You will use the rule of thirds to take better quality photos.

Role: You are the photographer and at the end of this, you will be a published photographer! Researcher: You will create two pinboards, one showing examples of the seven principles (BUMPREC) and the photographers that were given (Sebastian Salgado, Woods Wheatcroft, Anka Zhuravleva, and Cindy Sherman) and one focusing only on light, contrast and shadow. You will research the rule of thirds and take note of what that means and when you should use the rule and when you could break the rule.

Audience: Your audience will be your classmates, your peers, the Middle School, the ISM Community and the world (as we will be showcasing these on the jimdo and artitude sites, as well as on Ms. Morgan’s blog)

Situation: This is your first photography assignment and you are able to use the i pad minis, your own laptop, programs and applications on the class Macs, or any other digital program or application that you like. Some that you can explore are insta-gram, photoshop express, snapseed, fotor, fuzel, and tiled. This project relies on you doing some of your own search and shoot!

Performance:   You will create first a small portfolio of seven quality (understanding principles, framing, lighting, RULE OF THIRDS, and composition)photos that represent the principles of design in a unique way. Looking for the importance of light in each of the seven as well. You will then submit meaningful, strong, and original “Looking for Light” photos, taking in to consideration all that you have learned from your research and new knowledge. You will create your own art website using jimdo, wix, or google sites.

Standards: We will touch upon all standards but you will be assessed on LANGUAGE OF ART and SELF EXPRESSION

Where is the rubric? How do I know how to succeed? Go back to Ms.Morgan’s homepage and open it up (Look up at the top!) or it will be shared with you in your Google Drive Class Folder.

Questions for Success:

LANGUAGE OF ART: Do my photos take into consideration contrast, balance, and lighting? Do my photos interest my audience, because they are dynamic (using elements well) and bold? Is the subject matter engaging?

SELF EXPRESSION: Have I included my own personality, life, and interests in to my portfolio? Did I show something truly surprising and original?

Knowledge,Transfer and Communication: Your photos must show your new knowledge of the principles and the rule of thirds. They must show your knowledge of light and contrast. Your portfolio is your communication of the knowledge that you have gained.


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  1. It’s quite interesting how there are many different elements of art that also apply to photography. I predict that this will be an interresting unit, using the rules of photgraphy as a guide.

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