What can I do? ART extras using the ipad minis.

What can I do?

  • Check out Colour ExplOratorium on the ipad and share with me three things you learned.
  • Open up How to Draw and begin with the basics.
  • Create a mind-map with Idea Sketch
  • Design a figure in the style of “Henry Moore” using Sculptmaster
  • Use the Timeline App to discover more about Edward Hopper, Max Ernst, and George Braque
  • Use the Timeline App and tell me what kind of portraits Mondigliani painted.
  • Now, use the ArtRage app to take a photo of yourself and paint yourself in the style of Mondigliani.
  • Using LayersPro create a painting mixing the styles of Pacita Abad and Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period.
  • Use PicStitch to create a two collages of your classmates creating art.
  • Using Art Set, create a new character for your own children’s book.
  • Using Art Set, create a “monochromatic” landscape painting from a photograph.
  • Using Sketchbook Pro, create a stop motion film of 45 seconds, showing a dichromatic painting in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.

Whatever you do, share it in your class folder.

Put it in your art portfolio or site titled correctly.

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