Grade 5: Project ELEMENTS

India's Final Project

India's Final Project

Exploring the Elements of Art

Scribble Exploration and Enlargement

Ms. Morgan




Essential questions:

  1. How can we create art work which is unique?
  2. Where do we see the elements of art in the world?
  3. Why is revising our art so important?
  4. When should we ask for others’ opinions of our art?
  5. Why do artists “limit their palette”?


Emphasized Standards (refer to assessment sheets for details)

1. Creating  3. Self Expression   4. Technique



-You will do a “scribble exploration” to get warmed up.  For this project, you will follow instructions, BUT you will also be free to express yourself creatively.

-You will then revise and improve your work, based on your own reflection and the opinions of your peers.

-The next step is to create a viewfinder (4cm by 4 cm) and using this, enlarge one section of your drawing.

-After doing some idea development in your sketchbook, you will crate a piece of art based on observation and colour choice.

Idea Development (In Sketchbook)

-In your sketchbook please do three “mini” enlargements in pencil first (8 by 8).

-Outline the pencil with black sharpie.

-Then choose hot or cold colours to fill in your art.

-Colour in the spaces that you choose with coloured pencil. You must show blending and value.


Final Work

-You will choose your favourite “mini” and create your final art work on a separate piece of paper in oil pastel.

-From this step, you will do an “extension” with opposite colours. (Please wait for demonstration!

You may use coloured pencil or pastel)

*Remember to always “ASK THREE BEFORE ME!”


Do another one using earth tones. How does this change the feeling of your art?

Do another “scribble exploration” but this time write down your own 10 rules.

Assessment Questions: HOW CAN I SUCCEED?

*My final project shows a full range of value from dark to light and many shades in between (TECHNIQUE)

Definitely    Mostly      Kind of      Not really

*My final project is surprising and original and shows my own style. (CREATING and SELF EXPRESSION)

Definitely    Mostly      Kind of      Not really

*My final project went through many revisions and refinements. (CREATING)

Definitely      Some      Not Really        I never took suggestions for improvement

*My art work POPS when I step back from it.

Oh YES!!     Mostly    Some parts are flat or lost    Not really





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  1. I loved that art at the top! It was really cool. How the yellow and the orange combined oo loved that! Hope I could do that!.

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