Mural Panel

Mural Panel

Exploring Acrylic Paint and Mixed-Media 

Ms. Morgan

Essential questions:

  1. How can we use symbols to communicate?
  2. How do creative choices communicate personality?


Emphasized Standards (refer to assessment sheets for details)

1. Creating  3. Self Expression  6. Critique



You will be painting a wooden panel for a collaborative mural using acrylic paint and collage.

Your square must include a circle (to honour Pacita Abad) a quote, two symbols, and one other language.

You may use black, white, and one colour of your choice.

There are no rules on how you combine these four elements, but you must do so in a creative and eye-catching way.

Idea Development (In Sketchbook)

In your sketchbook, please create a plan for your panel, including the author of your quote.

Please explain where your symbols are from.

Show where you will use black, white, and your chosen colour.

Please answer the two essential questions during this unit.


Final Work  

You are going to create a finished painting which expresses something of importance to you.

You will be typing your quote and collaging this in to your painting.

These panels will permanently hang in our hallway to celebrate ISM’s 90th anniversary.

Each painting/collage will be unique and original and will communicate something about you.

As a class, we will continue to critique ourselves and others to ensure the highest quality art work!


Is my panel bold and eye-catching?

Can I see my details from five meters away?

Have I used the proper palette?

Is my design neat and highly contrasting?



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