Grade 5: Project PAINTING

EasySitePicture_674512[1]Acrylic Paint-Australian Aboriginal Life Map

Exploring Symbolism

Ms. Morgan



Essential Questions:

  1. What do you see? Finding the elements of art in Aboriginal painting. 
  2. How does repetition create movement? SHOW ME.
  3. How do symbols change, depending on the society? 
  4. What three principles of design do you think are most important in this style of art? WHY?
  5. What are the aboriginal artists communicating in their art? 

Emphasized Standards:

3-Self Expression, 4- Technique, 5-History and Culture


  • Find four images that appeal to you. Print these images and paste them in your sketchbook. 
  • Find an example of one artist and explain how s/he uses symbolism in his/her art. 

Idea Development: (In sketchbook)

  • Map your life so far. Recall ten major events/memories/people/places/ and symbolize each one. (Please do not use symbols that do not have any connection to Aboriginal art work) 
  • Use these symbols to create a composition.
  • In your sketchbook make three thumbnail sketches, showing three different ideas.
  • At this point, you will receive your square, with black lines and shapes that you must also include.
  • Choose your favourite and enlarge it and add colour, with water colour paint, crayon and coloured pencil.  
  • Assessing questions: Does it show Aboriginal style? Does it POP? Is there balance and unity?

Final Work:

  • Paint the sides of your square.
  • Using acrylic paint, create your back ground.
  • Using acrylic paint and stencils, back of brush, sponge, create major shapes.
  • Using acrylic paint  the details.
  • Critique your traditional aboriginal art work life map.
  • Please remember that your individual piece must fit with the whole in order for it to be successful.

Questions to ask when critiquing/assessing yourself and others

Is the art in the style of the Aboriginals?(HISTORY AND CULTURE)

 Does the art create a GREAT IMPACT on my audience?(TECHNIQUE)

 Has the artist explored a variety of ways to paint his/her life map?(SELF EXPRESSION)

 Has the artist organized symbols in an interesting and unique way?(CREATING)


Create a map of your bedroom in the style of the Aborgines.

Use three stencils to create a painting on cardboard in the style of the Aborigines.

Create a 5-7-5 Haiku poem about your life map.

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