Grade 5:Project CLAY CUPS

  Creative Clay Cups

Day One:  Three thumbnail sketches, with colour.

Day Two:  Slab demonstration. Finish thumbnail sketches and choose your favourite one.

Day Three:  Begin slab cup. Make basic form. Put in bag and tightly seal to keep wet.

Day Four:  Work on slab cup. Add details. Make sure everything is scored!

Day Five:  Smooth and REFINE.

Day Six:   Last day for clay cup.

Clay gets fired in the kiln. When it comes out, we glaze it!

Day Seven:  Glazing Day. Three colours only!

Day Eight:  Bring in a bag or box! We get to take our cups home today!

How do I succeed?

  • Your cup must show originality and creativity. It must be different than anyone elses! ( SELF EXPRESSION)
  • Your cup must be able to hold water. Your cup must have all of its pieces tightly scored! Your cup must be structurally sound. (TECHNIQUE)
  • When discussing your art work and critiquing others, you must use the appropriate vocabulary. ( LANGUAGE OF ART)
  • You must use class time wisely. (PERSONAL MANAGEMENT)


Essential Questions: 

  1. How can we be sure that our clay will not break in the kiln?
  2. In what cultures has clay been used and for what reasons?
  3. If an object is useful, is it still considered art?
  4. To create a finished form in clay, what techniques do we need to know?Exemplary clay cup

13 thoughts on “Grade 5:Project CLAY CUPS

  1. Wow a dinosaur that is really creative and unique and the colors really stand out so it makes people get interested! 🙂

  2. The dinosaur cup is super cool! I love how the red and green really stand out! The dinosaur’s tail is curved perfectly! The feet and the whole dinosaur is really detailed too!

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