Grade 6 ART

15 thoughts on “Grade 6 ART

  1. Ms. Morgan, I like the One Minute Muse video you put up on the home page of the blog. It shows quick ways of making fantastic art! I would love to try that sometime.

  2. Ms. Morgan, I like/love the video about the post-it note art. It looked really realistic and it looked like the guy actually got into the art!!

  3. Hi Ms. Morgan, I really liked the the One minute muse video, I think it would be awesome if maybe sometime we could do that in class.

  4. Hi Ms.Morgan! The videos you posted were very interesting and inspiring. I also think we could do some of them in class 😀 .

  5. Hi Ms. Morgan!
    I watched the video on hunderwasser and found the project super FUN!!!!!
    I even searched him on google and saw different paintings of his!

  6. No school today:'(
    It’s sad because I don’t have ART TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll research more about my favorite artists for the next clay project!
    See you on Monday Ms morgan!

  7. Ms. Morgan i’m having trouble when it come to making the fingers of my sculpture strong enough to stand up itself; could you help me?

  8. In the Riusuke Fukuhari video it is amzing what focus and concentration he had. Including the fact that he used different types of materials and put each of them in a specific layer based on the design of his living goldfish.

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