Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards

Exploring Mixed-Media Art

Ms. Morgan


Essential questions:

  1. How do we judge art?
  2. How do creative choices communicate personality?


Emphasized Standards (refer to assessment sheets for details)

1. Creating  3. Self Expression  6. Critique



You will be using a variety of materials to create a series of three small works of art

You may choose your theme.

Choices of themes include: Symmetry, Seasons, Curiosity, Language

You may draw, paint, collage, or use a mixture of the three.

You will choose your own colour palette.

There are three class days to finish your cards only.

Idea Development (In Sketchbook)

In your sketchbook, please do a full page of sketches and ideas

Please read the essential questions and reflect on them. We will answer them at the end of this unit.


Final Work  

You are going to create three Artist Trading Cards of your chosen theme.

Please make them original, interesting, neat and bold.

You will be trading one of these with another school for an art show.

The remaining two will be shown at the December ISM Art Show 

Craftsmanship COUNTS!!!

Find a way to incorporate your own likes, talents, interests, and favourite doodles.


Do my cards share a common theme and palette?

Will my cards hold the interest of my audience?

Have I used refined craftsmanship?

Have I shown originality and self expression?



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