Dream House Design Project

Designing Your Dream Home

Ms. Morgan


Essential Questions:

  1. How do you make a successful design?
  2. What three principles of design do you think are most important in architecture? Why?


Emphasized Standards:

1-    Creating 3-Self Expression, 4- Technique


Idea Development: (In sketchbook)

  • Sketch the interior and exterior of your dream home
  • Take in to consideration the kind of feeling you want when entering your hosue
  • Consider the windows, doors, furniture, and size of each room
  • Create a collage of the colours you want to use for each room or the appliances and furniture that you wish to be included.


Final Work:

  • Using your sketch, refine it to make a final architectural/professional design
  • You will have two final drawings: One interior and one exterior
  • Please make sure you continue to have your peers critique you

Success Questions

  • Is your design refined and neat? (Technique)
  • Is your design original, innovative, and extraordinary? (Self Expression)
  • From start to finish have you reflected upon your idea, improved it, refined it and finally created a highly effective design? (CREATING)


You have three full class periods to finish this project. It is due Friday APRIL 29






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