Grade 6: Project Hundertwasser

Sixth Grade:Slab Sculpture Cityscape

What is expected of you for this clay project?

  • Thoughtful and well written answers to Hundertwasser questions after researching.
  • Six printed examples of his art with citation and notes.
  • Two thumbnail sketches of your own Hundertwasser building with detail and colour.
  • Creative slab relief sculpture that incorporates your own ideas and the style of Hundertwasser.
  • Technically strong slab relief sculpture that is painted neatly.
  • Use of proper clay vocabulary in class at all times.


  • What major elements and principles does Hundertwasser incorporate in his paintings and architecture?
  • If you were an art critic for a magazine, how would you describe Hundertwasser’s style? (one paragraph)
  • If you were to interview Hundertwasser what would you ask (four questions) and what might he answer?
  • How might you create a “relief” building in clay, using the style of Hundertwasser as an inspiration?
  • Please find six photos from the web (citing each please!) that will be your basis for your two thumbnail sketches.


3 thoughts on “Grade 6: Project Hundertwasser

  1. If i had 60 jars i would use them to store things in. But if i did something artistic with it i would crate sculptures to entertain people.

  2. This is excellent. The girl is a genius! Is she really in the sixth grade. The rendering is well balanced, colorful and asthetically pleasing!

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