Silhouette Self-Portrait

  Mixed Media Self Portrait

Mixed Media Self Portrait

Day One:  Texture Exploration on Canvas and Pattern sketches

Day Two:  Sand and glue and Tracing Silhouettes

Day Three:  Sketch and research plan for final project

Day Four:  Work Day

Day Five:  Work Day

Day Six:   Add emulsion and finish off details

Day Seven:  Critique and Discussion  

Performance Task:

ü  You will be creating a personal expression of yourself using paint, silhouette, stencils, collage, and composition.

  You will first create a dynamic background using various tints and shades of browns. Split your background into 3 and make sure each has a different TEXTURE.

 You will then choose and interesting pattern and create it neatly with sand and glue. (FAVOURITE COLOUR)

  You will then trace your own silhouette and use this stencil on your canvas.  Make this silhouette standout, by making it different. (you may use only black, white, brown, and your favourite colour)

   Somewhere in your art will be your own personal DOODLE shown in black white and gray.

   A word that describes a good friend must also be used somewhere in your composition.

How do I succeed?

  • Your canvas must show originality and creativity. It must be different and unique. (SELF EXPRESSION)
  • Your painting must be neatly and carefully crafted and be eye-catching from five meters away.(TECHNIQUE)
  • Your art must include personal symbols and representations, so that your audience will know you better. (HISTORY AND CULTURE)
  • You must use class time wisely and show a great amount of effort. (PERSONAL MANAGEMENT)


Essential Questions: 

How can personal details make art more interesting?

How can we make art that is original?



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