What is my child doing in art?


Andy GilmoreDigiARTists are beginning their independent films this week. They have all brainstormed, developed ideas, mind mapped, and reserached. They have written down their “plan of attack” in their planners.

Some have chosen to “draw” a word from a bucket. Some have decided to do an argumentative or informative film about something of which they are passionate.

There are students choosing to pick a theme from last year. “What is home?” “Five Ways to Wellbeing”. Ask them what there plan is and follow their creative process.

ARTstudio Students are in the middle of their “60 Colour” Paintings. They must include tints, shades, and a variety of colour on their canvases. Some students are doing realistic, impressionistic, or abstract works of art. Ask your child to see his or her sketchbook and discuss: “How do we make tints? How do we make shades?”

Go here for some inspiration of your own! http://www.pinterest.com/locamorgan/colour-lovers/